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Make Laura Happy!

She Deserves It!

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The purpose of this community is to accumulate stories in which Laura is happy!

It was started by runawaynun and pocketwitch, who felt (quite rightly) that Laura got a rough deal on the show, and decided that it was time the fandom stepped up to MAKE HER HAPPY.

After an immensely successful series of seven challenges, though, both the Witch and the Nun found themselves drawn elsewhere, and kindly agreed to let the Biscuit (otherwise known as zaleti) take on MLH Squadron leadership.

So here we are!

What do we do?
The fandom institution that is the Make Laura Happy Challenge will remain, complete with prompts, voting and winners.

There may also be other smaller events, possibly of a non-competitive nature. Watch this space!

Basic Requirements

There are very few requirements for the contributions to this community:

  • As the Witch and the Nun so eloquently put it, MAKE HER HAPPY, BITCHES! Laura was regularly tortured in canon - surely she deserves some peace in fanon. We're a talented, compassionate bunch, so let's show our girl some love!

    Fluffy bunnies and sunshine are not required (though they are quite nice, really, so if that's what you want to write, knock yourself out).
    Angst and/or drama are not banned. Take whatever path you want towards the goal, just make her happy!
    All pairings (or groups!) are welcome, as are non-pairing fics. As long as Laura's happy, we're happy.

  • Every story contributed must involve Laura giving or receiving some sort of positive touch. It can be as chaste as a hug or a hand on her elbow; it can be as intimate as ... well, you fill in the blanks. Just let her have some affection.
    One important note: Fic including non-consensual sex is not permitted.

  • Fics entered in a specific challenge must meet the prompt requirement of that challenge.

  • Spoiler Policy: As the series is finished, everything's fair game. Have at it!

One Other Thing

  • Any and all happy!Laura fic is welcome in this community at any time. You don't have to be participating in a challenge or other event to post here. Non-event stories do not have to be new, or written specifically for this community. If you have a story about happy!Laura that you've posted elsewhere and wish to link/advertise, or you wish to post it here, then feel free to share it. **We only ask that you don't enter it in an event.**


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Want to affiliate with us? Fling zaleti a PM. :)


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